Rene Magritte Learns The Kids Dig His Work (ALS)

Brussels: 1967.

Item #345

One page ALS, in French, to his dealer, Alexandre Iolas. The painter takes a moment to compose a chatty note and in passing reveals he has been made aware the Pepsi generation likes his work. To wit: "My friend, I enclose this letter that I answered by saying it is up to you to organize a retrospective exhibition of my works and that you own necessary documents and data for such an undertaking. Not withstanding this question I received so many proposals that I would need a full staff to help me answer all the requests. But the letter of Dr. Schmidt does deserve, I believe, to be taken into consideration. I have learned through Mr and Mrs Majar whom met you last Saturday that my exhibition is not indifferent to many of the young people who visit it. This is less important but I would like to receive by registered post a number of the catalogs of the exhibition. I have friends here who are very hungry for this sort of book. Thank you so much in advance, if you see Nikky give her a kiss for me." Historically, correspondence and written material from the great painter has been difficult to procure, particularly when it reveals even the slightest degree of Magritte's awareness of his popular standing. A few pencil notations and light creases, otherwise in very good condition.

Price: $6,000.00

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Rene Magritte Learns The Kids Dig His Work (ALS). Rene Magritte.